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Terms and Conditions

To make tuition with Primavolta fair, all teachers operate under the following terms and conditions.  They are there to provide a fair and consistent working relationship between pupil and teacher to avoid disagreement.  By starting tuition with Primavolta, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Payment -

    1) After an initial paid consultation lesson, all tuition is to be paid in 5 week blocks.  No weekly payment arrangements can be made.  This is to keep your lesson slot reserved each week with your music teacher. 

    2) Tuition should be paid for by cheque made payable to the individual tutor.

    3) Payment for the next block of 5 is paid on week 5 of your current block.

    4) Failure to pay your lesson fees on time will lead to the instant termination of tuition with no notice.

    5) Cheques returned unpaid will be subject to a £15 fee for administration plus the individual teacher's banking costs.

    6) Fees will be reviewed every September and notice given of these changes on our website, social media or newsletter.

Cancellations -

    1) 10 days notice is needed to cancel a regular slot.  This is to give plenty of time for that slot to be filled, or for other students around your slot to be rearranged, so the teacher does not have gaps in their schedule.

    2) All cancellations with less that 10 days notice will be charged as a full lesson.

    3) As teachers organise a teaching round in a particular area, tuition will not be rearranged unless convenient to the teacher and at their discretion.

    4) All cancellations need to be acknowledged by your teacher with either a text, return phone call or email to confirm we have received the cancellation.  This to make sure the teacher has received the message successfully.

Changing your Lesson Time -

Due to the nature of the job our teachers carry out, lesson times may have to be changed from time to time.  This is often to make their mobile teaching viable and to make sure they have no schedule gaps.

    1) Regular lesson times may be changed subject to the agreement of both parties.

    2) If the pupil requests a change in day or time and the teacher cannot arrange this then no fees can be refunded.  An alternative Primavolta teacher may be offered if they are available at your requested time.

    3) If the teacher requests a change of time or day and the pupil cannot arrange this then a full refund of remaining tuition will be due unless an alternative Primavolta teacher can be arranged.

Discontinuing Tuition -

    1) If a pupil decides to discontinue tuition, 5 weeks notice should be given.

    2) Terminating tuition with no notice will lead to the forfeit of all fees remaining in your current block.






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