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Pupil of The Month

Pupil of the Month Results
At Primavolta we reward outstanding effort and progress.  This page gives details of the latest Primavolta 'Pupil of the Month' as well as historical results.  All winners of 'Pupil of the Month' now receive a beautiful bespoke print thanks to our partnership with younique personalised gifts.  Give them your support at - https://www.facebook.com/youniquepp


Pupil of the Month prize


Pupil of the Month March 2016


Congratulations to our March 'Pupil of the Month' - Sophie Watkins of Norbreck. You have been an absolute star in your music lessons for quite some time in school. You always remember to bring your music folder each week and your enthusiasm to class. As a result you have completed your first 2 exam pieces so that they are perfectly in time to the music. In a shared lesson this is a huge achievement and we are very proud of you. Well done Sophie and keep up the excellent work.

Pupil of the Month February 2016


Congratulations to our February 'Pupil of the Month'. Our winner is Alex Hugo who has pulled an absolute blinder in the last month. When a student starts out it can be a battle learning how to read music. With Alex, we kept playing games and worked hard to understand the note positioning. This last month it has clicked which it often does. She has rattled through 2 difficult exam pieces, is reading the music and making decisions about her fingering on her piano. Very impressive Alex and for this, you are 'Pupil of the Month!' CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Primavolta Mobile Music Tuition! 

Pupil of the Month January 2016


A huge congratulations to our first 'Pupil of the Month' of 2016. Our January 2016 winner is Christian Dennison. He had some excellent music exam results recently with both a theory and practical distinction. This is amazing for such a young student. Into January, Christian has demonstrated his ability to read music by moving quickly on to his next pieces. He continues to give his teacher a run for his money in a game of 'Music Snap' to have fun reading notes and works really hard each week. We are very proud of you Christian and hope you continue this work into the rest of the year! Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta!

Pupil of the Month December 2015


A huge congratulations go to Angus Martin for becoming our final 'Pupil of the Month' of 2015. Our December 2015 winner has worked really hard over a long period of time in both his piano and singing. He has become a much more confident singer and has embraced the talent he has more publicly. Finally, he worked really hard to complete and gain a distinction in his first piano exam this month. A worthy winner for December. Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta and we hope to see you continue this in to next year.

Pupil of the Month November 2015


A huge well done to our November 'Pupil of the Month', Harry Fletcher from Norbreck. You have made an amazing start to playing the piano. You work really hard, both in your lessons at school and at home. You always complete your playing diary and after one term are able to read music on both the treble and bass clef. We can't wait to continue working with you into next year and completing your first piano exam. Keep up the excellent work Harry, from all of us at Primavolta Mobile Music Tuition.

Pupil of the Month October 2015


A huge congratulations to our October 'Pupil of the Month'. Demi came to us for singing lessons and we have seen a huge increase in her confidence over the last number of weeks. All of a sudden Demi is not afraid to increase the volume of her voice, put feeling into her singing and movement along with it all. Really impressed with the progress made and the wide range of songs Demi is now able to sing. Her vocal range has increased at the same time allowing us to try more songs as we go. Keep up the excellent work Demi and congratulations from all of us at Primavolta!

Pupil of the Month September 2015


Congratulations goes to our September 'Pupil of the Month', Sophie Parkin. Sophie has only been with us a short time and has become an absolute pleasure to teach. She always brings her music to school, completes her homework and plays far beyond what we expect of her each week. Sophie even spends time without being asked helping other students when she sees that they need it. What a pleasure to have a student like this. Sophie is now going to start working on her first music exam ready for 2016 and we wish her the best of luck with this. Keep up the hard work! Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.

Pupil of the Month August 2015


Congratulations to Ewan Simpson, our August 'Pupil of the Month'. Why? Well, for a young lad he has impressed us with his maturity to his musical options. He has made some important decisions with regards his music recently, even thinking about possible career options. Even so, he has taken the mature step to start his Grade 8 piano with Trinity, up his playing time and demonstrated he has the capability to succeed at this level. Keep it up Ewan and we want to be congratulating you on your Grade 8 success in the near future. Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta and good luck for the hard work ahead!


Pupil of the Month July 2015


'Pupil of the Month' for July goes to Rachel Armer. Why? Well, we were hugely impressed with the massive upturn in practice in the last month. The difference made in a week where you played every day was huge. You have started reading music well and are able to play a number of different chords. Keep up this excellent work Rachel and a huge congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.

Pupil of the Month June 2015


Had to be that our June 2015 'Pupil of the Month' went to Nathan Harrison, AVCM,TD,(Hons). Nathan has been a pupil of ours since he was a wee lad and is growing in to a fine young man with a maturity on his head beyond his years. His examiner on the day said the same thing about his maturity and she could not believe his age. We firmly believe that Nathan has a fantastic future ahead of him, whatever he decides to do. What we know for certain is Nathan is an excellent and talented musician and we are really proud to have been able to support you in your journey over the years. Keep in touch and we wish you all the best for your GCSE's in just under a years time. Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.

Pupil of the Month May 2015


Congratulations to our May 'Pupil of the Month', Emily Clifford! After a battle with the usual scales for her Grade 3, Emily has seriously knuckled down to playing in the few months since the exam and is playing new popular piano pieces to a really good standard as a result. It is lovely to see this new found passion and progress and we really hope you continue moving forward! Well done to you Emily and your prize will be with you next lesson. Congratulations again from all of us at Primavolta.

Pupil of the Month April 2015


A no brainer this month. When the student is still only in Year 6 and has just pulled 2 distinctions out of the bag, they deserve to be 'Pupil of the Month'. Gabrielle Parker at Copp School is our April winner after her amazing exam results. On top of this, within a few weeks of passing her Grade 4, she has already polished 2 of her Grade 6 pieces after deciding we should skip a grade. Gabrielle, you are such a hard worker and we are all very proud of the progress you are making. Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month March 2015


CONGRATULATIONS to Krish Gupta from London, our March 'Pupil of the Month'. Your teacher says, 'Krish started on Rock School debut guitar grade on 5/3/14 and he's just passed Grade 2 with merit at 82%. He's already busy practising Grade 3 material and is playing exceptionally well for his age. He's also learned other songs from Youtube and online tabs independently.
He's a dedicated student and I always find him ready and practising when I arrive each week for the lesson. His father has also been very involved with the lessons and has taken both the exams with him. Krish was chosen as 'Pupil of the Month' as he has made such rapid progress and clearly enjoys his lessons immensely.' Congratulations to Krish from your teacher, Win, and all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month February 2015


Our February 'Pupil of the Month' is Kumiko Goddard. Working towards Grade 8 at the moment, Kumiko has had spells where it is fair to say progress hasn't been as it should. However, after putting a new plan in place with her, Kumiko has made huge progress. She has polished her Grade 8 pieces, mastered most of her scales and come a long way with her theory. We have been tough on her at times but we know that she will be a successful musician in the future. She has responded in a mature way to our comments and the rewards should be there come June. We wish you luck in your Grade 8 in June Kumiko. Keep up the hard work. From all of us in the Primavolta team!


Pupil of the Month January 2015


We are pleased to announce that our first 'Pupil of the Month' for 2015 is Holly Parkinson. Many students often return to tuition a little rusty after Christmas, but Holly had been working hard and has continued to do so throughout January. She is a patient and hardworking student with a determination that is bound to give her success in anything she applies herself to. Holly has an exam next month and we wish her all the best in this. We are sure she will do really well. Congratulations Holly from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the month December 2014


Pupil of the month for December 2014 goes to Niamh Wood.  She has made a huge effort since September to polish her first ever examination pieces up.  Niamh has been very patient in correcting her mistakes to gain really good timing with her pieces and we wanted to recongnise her for this.  We wish her the best of luck for her first music exam in March from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month November 2014


Anna has been working towards her Grade 1 for a while and this can be a tough exam.  The student is getting used to all the different requirements and it can be daunting.  Sometimes students feel like they have been playing the same pieces forever.  Well, when we came to do our sight reading - Anna blew her teacher away!  The improvement in her reading is unbelievable during the time of her Grade 1 preparation.  She has now started other pieces and is able to take them in her stride thanks to this skill and confidence.  Enjoy playing a wide variety of songs now Anna!  Congratulations from all of us!


Pupil of the Month October 2014


Imogen has made more progress in the last number of weeks than in her previous few years in total.  It all came down to a typical chat about the amount of playing that was taking place at home.  Many students improve for a little while and then dip back to old habits.  Not Imogen.  In the space of a few months she has nailed her exam pieces and started on scales all because of a renewed enthusiasm.  A pleasure to teach and a pleasure to see such excellent progress now taking place.  Huge well done Imogen! 


Pupil of the Month September 2014


Congratulations to Jack Foster in our Bath area. You are our September 'Pupil of the Month!' Here is what your teacher had to say - 'Since passing Grade 1 Keyboard with a Merit, Jack has already worked hard on all of his Grade 2 pieces over summer, as well as learning extra pieces (The Simpsons theme tune and Crazy Frog). His knowledge of chords and inversions is increasing rapidly and he is always experimenting with different keyboard sounds. I am looking forward to teaching him again this academic year. 
A huge congratulations Jack and keep up the good work!'


Pupil of the Month August 2014


Libby deserves pupil of the month because she works consistently hard, practising 6 days a week and her effort and commitment can be seen in her level of playing. She is working towards her grade 1 and her pieces are absolutely fabulous though she is playing at a higher level now. She is always enthusiastic, takes note of advice given and always applies it to further her technique and way of playing. We are very confident that she will do very well in her exam later this year. Well done Libby!  Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta!


Pupil of the Month July 2014


Our July 'Pupil of the Month' goes to Luke Emmence. Within the last month, Luke has gained excellent results in his Grade 8 practical and his GCSE in music. He also made the decision to continue his learning by taking a teaching diploma. You have worked really hard since primary school Luke and you deserve this success. We wish you all the best in your diploma over the coming months. Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month June 2014


Katie's teacher wanted to nominate Katie for pupil of the month because she has only been playing for little while and yet she has entered herself for her school talent competition and got through the audition stage. It is such a wonderful achievement for her and a boost to her confidence and playing. She deserves pupil of the month for her enthusiasm for playing and all her hard work to get to where she has in such a short period of time. Well done and good luck to Katie for her talent competition.


Pupil of the Month May 2014


Our May 'Pupil of the Month' goes to Edward Swann.  Edward has just finished lessons with us at Primavolta after taking his Grade 8 last week.  His exam pieces were prepared well many months prior to the exam but Edward had a slight phobia about his scales and arpeggios.  One week prior Edward had still not played many of the scales and it is fair to say got a bit of a push from us.  One week later he had learnt them all.  This blew his teacher away and took a huge amount of effort and character to pull off.  We await your result Edward but either way you deserve this for the effort you put in.  Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta and good luck for the future!


Pupil of the Month April 2014


Georgia and Courtney have been chosen together as joint pupil of the month this month.  Pupils at one of our Lancashire primary schools, the twins have both impressed in equal measures this last month.  They have worked really hard to complete some difficult songs towards their keyboard exams and have responded well to areas they have needed to improve.  The outcome is that both girls have got themselves ready for another music exam very quickly after their previous music exam in December.  As a result they have shown fantastic progress in their playing.  Congratulations to both of you from all of at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month March 2014


Oliver has been an absolute gem to teach this year.  He has made really fast progress towards his Grade 4 exam this summer and is more than likely going to be heading towards his grade 6 this winter.  Oliver is a keen musician all round, working in his own band, all while still at primary school. Keep up the excellent work Oliver and you will continue to develop as a talented musician.  Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month February 2014


Since starting lessons with Primavolta in January Grace has worked hard on every task set and her progress is astonishing. She has learnt three Grade 1 pieces to a high standard paying close attention to expression and style, as well as a few pop songs in her own time. You can tell her practice is focused as the difficult sections are always perfected before the next lesson. Her motivation and passion for the piano is inspiring and she is a joy to teach. Keep up the excellent work! 


Pupil of the Month January 2014


We are pleased to announce our first 'Pupil of the Month' for 2014. Our January winner is the first to have won this award twice. Our hand was forced after an amazing week last week in which Erin Creswell completely changed the way she worked on pieces at home in her own time. We have been nagging for a while for her to break pieces into small chunks of one bar at a time. Finally, in January Erin listened. The results in one week were absolutely outstanding. She managed to complete her set work towards her Grade 4. Even more impressive was the piece she completed in her own time. Erin polished a song we hadn't even asked her to play by following our technique - just for pleasure! Erin, you are a star and deserve to have won this for a 2nd time! CONGRATULATIONS from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month December 2013


A massive CONGRATULATIONS to our final 'Pupil of the Month' from 2013. Matthew Feely is one of our youngest students and has only been with us since September. He has worked really hard in a short space of time to be able to play with two hands on the keyboard. He is now able to play full chords on the left hand with three fingers and play these chords with the right hand at the same time. Matthew has even played with the music in the background. This is a fantastic achievement and has earned him 'Pupil of the Month' for December 2013. Well done from all of us at Primavolta!


Pupil of the Month November 2013


Tomas has been a pupil since June 2013.  We started on a 3/4 size nylon strung classical guitar.  What became apparent early on was that Tomas shared his father's love of Carlos Santana and Deep Purple.  In fact he has an unerring sense of good and bad music.

I have watched him struggle, week in and week out, to get his small hands and fingers around the large fingerboard.  We have achieved enough basic strength in his fingers to be able to start a major scale.  Sadly, I also watched him lose a little bit of his enthusiasm as there had been little pay-off, or reward, for his effort.

Then in a blinding flash, it came to me!  The ukulele.  Chords are available instantly.  In fact a G chord is exactly the same fingering as a D on the guitar.  A C chord requires one finger, an F just 2.

For all of your mental persistance Tomas; for that fantastic school report; and for being so good to your new baby sister, we have made you Primavolta 'Pupil of the Month',  Congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.


Pupil of the Month October 2013


Holly has had a fantastic attitude to her music lessons since returning to school.  She has opened up to using all the functions on the keyboard in the last month and has enjoyed adding these to the songs that she plays when in school.  Holly has prepared really well towards her first music exam coming up in December with a fantastic sense of timing and good note reading.  We are really pleased with your progress Holly, so this is well deserved!  From all of us at Primavolta - congratulations!


Pupil of the Month September 2013


Our September 'Pupil of the Month' award goes to Benedict from Kirkham, Lancashire. One of our younger students, Benedict has come on leaps and bounds since the start of September. We have been working on playing the piano with both hands at a quicker pace without taking little breaks in the middle of the songs he plays. Since introducing a stop clock to lessons Benedict has seen his playing improve dramatically. A fantastic month Benedict and a well earned award! Congratulations from all of us in the Primavolta Team!

Pupil of the Month August 2013


Her teacher says "she works incredibly hard and has come such a long way in just a few months.  Always gives 100% and her determination to succeed is one of her admirable qualities.  Niamh loves playing the piano -  practises freely and I feel proud to teach such a driven young lady."  Well done Niamh and congratulations from all of us at Primavolta.

Pupil of the Month July 2013


I think that Kayley deserves to be awarded with student of the month as she consistently works hard, is willing to give new ideas a try, is always positive, has improved so much in such a short space of time; and she was fab in her school concert doing a solo of, 'on my own' from Les Mis which she has been learning with me. She sounded like an angel (it was that good) and when her microphone failed, she calmly walked over and started to use another one like a true pro!

Pupil of the Month June 2013


Prisha has been incredibly attentive and enthusiastic from the moment we began our lessons. Prisha has progressed extremely quickly and that is purely down to her interest and motivation to practice, each week Prisha moves forward and Prisha's mother and I are looking forward to being on the front row the night she plays with her first orchestra. Keep it up Prisha :)

Pupil of the Month May 2013


We are really pleased to announce that our May 'pupil of the month' is Alex Hugo. Alex has worked really hard to be ready for her music exam in 2 weeks after only starting to prepare for it in April. She has polished all her exam pieces and scales in record time and been an absolute pleasure for us to work with. We wish her lots of luck in her first music exam 2 weeks today and are sure she will do well. Congratulations Alex from all of us at Primavolta! Your prize and certificate will be with you next week.

Pupil of the Month April 2013


Callum is hugely deserving of being our April pupil of the month after a month of fantastic effort and progress.  Callum has responded in such a positive way to being able to play modern pop music.  He is now able to play a wide selection of music he enjoys and is starting to be more comfortable reading music.  Callum has shown that with a little session playing his pieces 3 or 4 times a week you can make good progress in a relatively short space of time.  Keep up the really hard work Callum!  

Pupil of the Month March 2013


Anna, has displayed a huge amount of maturity for someone so young. She is asking excellent questions and getting really involved in her musical learning. After maintaining regular practice since starting with us, her note reading and playing is starting to click and it has been fantastic to see. She has now started preparation for her first music exam and hope she gets the result she deserves when she goes for it! Keep up this outstanding progress Anna and a huge congratulations from all of us at Primavolta Mobile Music Tuition!

Pupil of the Month February 2013


Toby is one of our primary school students and has had a fantastic month in February.  He has just started working on music theory for the first time as he prepares for grade 1.  The work that he has been producing is very neat, with a great deal of care given.  Very impressive start.  He has also been balancing this with working towards his second music exam which we hope he will take in June.  Kepp up the excellent work each week now Toby and you will continue to do really well! Congratulations on being our 2nd pupil of the month of 2013.

Pupil of the Month January 2013


Emma, who has only been having lessons with us a short time has made amazing progress and deserves to be our first winner in 2013.  She has shown an excellent attitude to her lessons so far and has demonstrated she can play her music well in time to a beat.  Every week she is set a piece of music, she comes back the following week having made huge improvements.  We hope Emma sticks at music as she clearly has the talent.  Perhaps we can look forward to you taking your first music exam later this year?  Congratulations Emma!

Pupil of the Month December 2012


We launched our 'Pupil of the Month' scheme back in September 2009 and so far we have had a different winner each month. 

Well, for the first time, we are pleased to announce a repeat winner. The student, Declan Molloy, first won back in March 2010. He has now won 'Pupil of the Month' for December 2012. Why? Well, anyone that can come back after a Christmas break having made significant progress with their Grade 6 exam pieces with NO lesson over Christmas HAS to be a winner in our eyes. It shows a huge amount of effort and self discipline from someone so young and we are really proud to have you as one of our students! CONGRATULATIONS Declan! We even have a different prize mug winging it's way to you in your lesson next week!

Pupil of the Month November 2012


Our student Jessica has quite frankly worked her socks off over the past month towards her examination in December.  Her family have really helped her at home in combination with their teacher in school.  Her timing and ability to set up the Keyboard is now spot on and we really hope she does as well as she deserves in her 2nd music exam next month.  What has been especially pleasing is just how keen, happy and smiley Jessica is, even when asked to repeat the same section for the 6th time.  Keep this up Jessica - this is a well deserved award.  Congratulations!

Pupil of the Month October 2012


Oliver ticks many boxes, hes keen and willing to give anything a try. We've been working our way through musicals both old and new and hes constantly coming up with ideas about how best to get the character across etc. He uses his resources well and together we've worked out a vocal range that suits him at the moment. He picks up songs very quickly, actually think hes quite musical and has a promising basic knowledge of theory. He enjoys the lessons and is enjoyable to teach too!

Pupil of the Month September 2012


Niamh is one of our younger students.  Niamh over the last month has transformed the effort that she puts into her music lessons.  She works really hard to play as many pieces of music as she can in the lesson.  She has also started to learn to write music notes neatly.  Keep up the big effort Niamh.  Congratulations from everyone at Primavolta.

Pupil of the Month August 2012


Lauren has been awarded pupil of the month for August due to the excellent progress made in reading music and keeping to the rhythm on the keyboard.  The early stages of learning to play are often hard and Lauren is now coming through this being able to read music well.  She has also been able to complete her examination preparation early ready for December due to her hard work.  Congratulations Lauren and keep up the good work!

Pupil of the Month July 2012


Bernie improves consistently every lesson due to the superb dedication she has to her practising. The way she has improved over the past few months is due to her willingness to learn and her want to improve and she always puts all her effort into every lesson and every task she is set. She shows initiative and enthusiasm in her playing and practising and is a pleasure to teach because of it. Keep up the super work Bernie!

Pupil of the Month June 2012


Rachel has made astonishing progress over the last few months.  This really came to our attnetion when she was given her new exam pieces after Grade 1 in June.  She just played them from her sight reading.  No fuss, few mistakes and excellent timing.  Rachel is showing all the signs of becoming an excellent musician and we are really pleased she is continuing with us into seconday school.  We can't wait to work with Rachel to meet the potential she obviously has.  Keep up the excellent work Rachel!

Pupil of the Month May 2012


Gina has had an amazing month in May.  She decided to make the switch from Keyboard to Piano and this has really been the making of her.  In one month, she has demonstrated she can read treble and bass clef and deliver fully polished pieces of music on the piano.  Amazing!  all this in a shared 20 minute lesson at school.  Keep up this hard work Gina and you could be an amazing piano player.  Congratulations!

Pupil of the Month April 2012


Carys has quite simply made amazing progress in the last month and moved up 2 grades in terms of her playing ability.  It all stems from her early effort with her music theory.  This has allowed her to turn up to her lesson having played songs she wants to play.  This has resulted in her progressing at a fantastic pace.  Keep up this excellent effort and you will be a fantastic Keyboard player!  Well done Carys!

Pupil of the Month March 2012


Oliver has progressed quicker than anyone could of anticipated, this is due to the hard work and effort he puts in between every lesson. 

Oliver is well deserved of this prize as he practices more than anyone should be capable of.
Well done Oliver.

Pupil of the Month February 2012


We have 2 pupil of the months this month. The prize this month went to twins Sofia and Olivia in Blackpool who have both progressed really well this month in their piano. Already, even in year 1, they know how long notes last and how to draw them. They are also able to play music with both hands and their speed is increasing. Well done girls!

Pupil of the Month January 2012


Hassan has consistently improved his skills on the Keyboard since beginning lessons with us.  He is keen, and a quick learner and it is evident he works hard during the week on what we study in the lesson.  As well as progressing well through his book, and learning some piano theory, he has begun writing a song recently and keeps coming up with new parts for the song, and using the keyboard's settings to produce an arrangement including different instruments and a drum beat.  Well done Hassan!

Pupil of the Month December 2011


Jacob has made fantastic progress over the last few months.  He has gained 2 fantastic examination results recently.  He is also making amazing progress in reading music.  Keep working really hard Jacob so that you can be successful if you decide to take GCSE music later this year!  Well done!

Pupil of the Month November 2011


Jamie has been a pupil at Primavolta for a number of years now and has recently achieved Grade 7 Keyboard and Grade 4 theory after working REALLY hard.  This is a fantastic achievement and now the path is clear to finish the job with Grade 8 next year.  Keep up the excellent work Jamie as you transform into a very talented musician!

Pupil of the Month October 2011


Hazel has worked incredibly hard this month. From a flautist who couldn't even get a sound initially, she is now getting a sound every time and she has started to play some simple tunes. The effort and practise she has put in is outstanding and it is clear she really enjoys her playing. Her determination and enthusiasm are clear in the manner in which she has progressed. Well done Hazel! Keep up the fantastic work and effort

Pupil of the Month September 2011


Erin has shown a real passion for her music and this reward has been coming for some time.  She has really developed her ability to read music through playing popular songs.  She has also started writing her own music without being asked as part of her lesson.  It is great to see this level of enthusiasm and I hope you can keep this up.  Well done Erin!

Pupil of the Month August 2011


Emily started Piano with us recently after having tuition elsewhere.  Her aim early doors was to improve her ability to read music which can be a scary and daunting task at first.  Emily has thrown herself into this and is now reading music, keeping her head up and playing at a reasonable speed.  Your effort has been fantastic so far and I hope you can keep this up in the new school year in both your piano and violin!  Well done Emily!

Pupil of the Month July 2011


Jake recently started with Primavolta and has worked really hard on 2 things during that time.  His teacher says that he has dramatically improved his chord changes and taken a real interest in composition.  This is something he has undertaken for the first time and would eventually be used in his higher keyboard grades.  He is always well motivated and there is constant improvement each week.  Jake is a pleasure to teach.  Keep up the fantastic start with us Jake.

Pupil of the Month June 2011


A pupil at Newton Bluecoat, Francesca is a Piano pupil working towards her first music exam.  She had made a solid start but had too many gaps between bars and her notes.  After discussing this with her, Francesca came back the week after and wowed me with completely polished performances.  To me, this response and effort deserved this reward.  Now we need to show this to the examiner in November!  Keep it up Francesca!

Pupil of the Month May 2011


Shakira has only been playing the Keyboard for 18months.  During that time she has flown in quite the incredible way hence this reward.  From a complete beginner 18months ago, Shakira has now got Grad 4 Keyboard and Grade 3 theory!  Fantastic stuff.  Keep up the excellent work and good luck in your Grade 6 this November.

Pupil of the Month April 2011


Lois, a determined and hardworking pupil has been long overdue this award.  Within a short space of time Lois has become a good young pianist and has just passed her grade 1 piano.  Her effort is second to none and she always puts in the practice during the week.  Keep up the good work Lois.

Pupil of the Month March 2011


Isobel, a pupil at Copp School is also a new starter and in that time has worked really well at playing with both hands.  Her timing with both hands is already very impressive and I am sure that with further effort Isobel will become a fantastic musician.  Keep working hard Isobel.

Pupil of the Month February 2011


Ellie, also a pupil at Newton Bluecoat has only started Keyboard recently but in that time has worked really hard.  Already she is working towards her first music exam and plays really well in time to the music.  Keep up the good work Ellie and good luck in May.
Pupil of the Month January 2011


Jacob, a pupil at Newton School shows exactly why Primavolta introduced the Pupil of the Year scheme.  He has worked so hard this year that the difference in his playing is amazing.  Keep it up please Jacob and good luck in your examination in May.

Pupil of the Month December 2010


Brother, Declan won pupil of the month back in March.  It must be hard when a brother or sister gains an award and you do not.  However, Chris fully deserves this recognition.  He was ill in December and has set himself the target of grade 2 piano in May.  I was so impressed that Chris had made such fantastic progress so soon after passing Grade 1 in October.  His 3 exam pieces are now really close to completion and he has a fantastic composition.  Well done Chris, keep up this excellent work!  You are really talented!

Pupil of the Month November 2010


Edward has had music tuition for some time now.  For every reminder that Edward needed to count, Edward would often not bother.  This was until recently.  Edward has developed some great maturity of late and his playing has improved rapidly as his counting and timing has improved.  A well deserved reward and am looking forward to this continued progress in 2011.  Perhaps to include GCSE music?

Pupil of the Month October 2010


A very keen pupil right from the start.  Hannah has made great progress in the last few months in learning to read the treble and bass clef in order to play the piano.  Even when the going is tough, Hannah keeps going.  Very good to see Hannah and I hope you keep up the good work.

Pupil of the Month September 2010


Starting tuition again after a break of a few years, Nathan has made a flying start.  Already completing his first book, the progress so far has been astonishing.  Nathan has now decided to have a go at a music exam and is able to skip the first grade.  Keep up the excellent work Nathan!

Pupil of the Month August 2010


After only a short period of time, Lauren was picked as pupil of the month due to her fantastic effort.  Within just a few months she has almost completed preparation for her first music exam which she is due to sit in October.  Brilliant effort and a well deserved pupil of the month.

Pupil of the Month July 2010


Absolutely brilliant progress has been made over the past few months and this has been well deserved.  Kumiko shows what can be achieved when you play every day and work hard during the week.  Aiming for Grade C in October Kumiko should be more than capable of skipping a few next year such is her progress!  Well done and keep up the good work.

Pupil of the Month June 2010


Well deserved as Thomas has really settled down to some hard work of late.  Lots of playing in his spare time it has started to make all the difference to the quality of his playing.  His chords are now much better and he has really pushed on in his music book.  Well done Thomas!  Keep it up!

Pupil of the Month May 2010


Marcus is one of the youngest pupils taking music tuition with Primavolta.  Keen to start, the first thing needed was support with letter recognition.  In recent weeks Marcus has made outstanding progress to the extent he can now recognise letters and transfer this to playing notes on the Keyboard.  Just a few weeks ago Marcus could not do this.  Hence Marcus is a deserving pupil of the month.  Keep it up Marcus!

Pupil of the Month April 2010


William, a pupil at Copp School, Great Eccleston started having group lessons at the school in his lunch time.  Since having private lessons at his home he has made excellent progress.  He has progressed well with his chords and right hand and passed his first music exam.  William is so enthusiastic that I felt it deserved this recognition.  Well done William and keep up the good work.
Pupil of the Month March 2010


Declan has been playing for around 18 months now and in that time has made continual effort to improve.  As such it was time to reward Declan with Pupil of the Month.  His attitude to playing is fantastic and it is great to see someone so young enjoy their playing so much.  After completing the earlier grades, Declan is going for Grade 1 later in the year with an amazing composition in hand.  Best of luck Declan and congratulations!

Pupil of the Month February 2010


Another young star, this has been coming for months for Ewan.  Everything about Ewan and his attitude to Piano is impressive.  Great at reading music, improving at keeping in time to a beat and his first exam coming up.  All since starting music last summer.  Keep it up Ewan and well done!

Pupil of the Month January 2010


The youngest pupil of the month to date, Nicholas is a real star.  For such a young student, Nicholas can now read music in treble and bass clef and has started to play pieces of music at a good tempo.  Always trying his hardest and keen to learn Nicholas is a fitting first winner for 2010!

Pupil of the Month December 2009


A pupil in Clifton, Joan deserved her pupil of the month for 2 reasons.  The first being the constant effort in the higher Keyboard grades that she enters and the determination to go all the way to Grade 8.  At times, Joan does become nervous, but her determination really shines through.  The 2nd reason  is for the outcome of her recent Grade 6 exam, a distinction!  An excellent result Joan and very well deserved.  Congratulations!

Pupil of the Month November 2009


A pupil in Blackpool, I decided to reward Margaret due to the effort she has put in to her first music exam.  Her ambition was to prove to people she was capable of getting a certificate for her wall in a music exam.  Well, the good news is she gained a distinction in her first Piano examination and also passed a second exam in music theory.  Well done Margaret and I hope you enjoy having those well deserved certificates on the wall!

Pupil of the Month October 2009


A pupil in Staining, Ellie has been rewarded pupil of the month in October due to her outstanding effort to practice since returning to school.  This effort has made a real difference to her playing and chances of doing well in her music examination in December.  It just goes to show what a pupil can do when they stick to a playing routine during the week in between lesson’s.  Keep up the good work Ellie!  CONGRATULATIONS!

Pupil of the Month September 2009


A pupil at Copp Primary School, Great Eccleston.  James has made amazing progress in the time he has had lessons.  Only having short shared tuition James has been able to play many pieces including Oasis.  He is now also preparing for his first music exam.  However because of the brilliant effort James puts in during his spare time he is going for the second grade rather than the first!  Keep up the good work James and good luck for the exam in December.  CONGRATULATIONS!






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