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FAQs About Our Lessons


The questions below are our most commonly asked questions and issues.  Please use these to answer your questions including what to do if you have a voucher or if you have a complaint/issue you would like resolved.  They will also tell you who to contact to resolve your question/query.

Should I have an instrument?

It is usually a good idea for anyone learning how to play an instrument to have their own as this is the best way for the pupil to progress.  Your Primavolta teacher will be able to offer support with this.  We also have our own online shop available with recommended musical instruments.  It is also possible to purchase an instrument interest free if you are under the age of 25 through a government scheme.

Are your teachers DBS (old CRB) checked?

All new teachers coming into Primavolta are asked for their DBS certificate or to obtain a certificate.  We do this for your reassurance.

Do I have to pay in blocks of 5?

We find that payment in blocks of 5 is an easy way of arranging payment.  It means lesson time is not wasted sorting out lesson fees each week.  We are happy to allow you a few weeks to trial our lessons before you pay for a block but after this our 5 week policy comes into affect.

What ages do you teach?

At Primavolta we are able to provide high quality tuition to pupils of all ages.  We have special 20 minute lessons designed for younger students from 4 upwards.  We have also taught students in their retirement who wish to enjoy a leisurely pastime.  Age is not a barrier to enjoying music and our teachers have experience of teaching all ages.

Do I have to do exams?

Absolutely not.  The choice of taking a music examination is completely down to you.

Can I have a shared lesson?

Sometimes this is a good way of starting if a few of you in a family want to start on the same instrument.  From experience this does not benefit for long as everybody learns at different speeds.  At this point individual tuition would give more benefit.

Which length lesson should I choose?

Much of this can come down to cost and the age and ability of the student.  As a rule, children under 6 should have the 20 minute tuition.  After this 30 minute lessons are the average.  As a student progresses in ability 40 minute to 1 hour lessons may be more appropriate.  This can be discussed with your Primavolta teacher.

Do I have to have a lesson each week?

For your progress it is best to have a lesson each week.  During the evening our teachers are not able to offer fortnightly lessons as these are peak slots.  Daytime slots with certain teachers may allow some flexibility.  This would need to be discussed with your individual Primavolta teacher.

Where can I buy books and instruments from?

We have our own shop online for most books and instruments that we would recommend.  Anything that is not available on there can be discussed with your individual Primavolta teacher.

How do I pay for tuition?

Tuition can be paid for by cheque or cash, although cheque is preferred.  At this stage we do not offer card payments as the readers can be difficult to use in certain remote locations.  Fees are paid directly to your Primavolta tutor.

Can I hire an instrument?

Unfortunately this is not a service that our teachers can offer.  However our teachers can help to tell you about local stockists that have appropriate rental schemes.

How do I complain about a teacher or service?

We invite feedback from all our students and parents.  Unfortunately from time to time issues and problems do crop up.  As Primavolta has a lead teacher like a school, we look at all issues and assess our teachers based on this feedback.  If you do have an issue please email our music school lead teacher, Tom Southerton at [email protected]  If Kevin is unavailable an automated email will reply with when he will be able to help.  Rest assured we look into all issues to find a fair and balanced resolution for all concerned.  

How do I use my gift voucher?

Please email [email protected] and this will be arranged for you.  You will already be on our system and allocated to a teacher at the point of your family member/friend booking this for you.

What is your company contact and details?

Primavolta Mobile Music Tuition is a trading name of Primavolta Music Group Ltd.  Registered Office - 22 Knowl Syke St, Wardle, Rochdale, OL12 9PG.  Registered in UK, Company Registration Number 9591076

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