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Testimonials From Students

"I hadn't sung for years and then I started singing again in the kitchen, but I couldn't get my full voice range back.  I feel the encouragement I have had from my Primavolta teacher has allowed me to really get back into my hobby.  I often surprise myself with how my voice is now sounding.  I used to take part in concerts years ago but now feel that my voice has become stronger than it was back then.  I feel the scales and exercises have all really helped me with this.  My voice certainly would not be what it is now if it wasn't for my Primavolta teacher."  [Isabel Howitt]

"What a fantastic music school, so glad we found you."  [Kerri Creswell]

"Having lessons at home is far more pleasant than going to a music school.  I went for a few months but did not like it.  Going out in all weathers, having to wait my turn for my lesson then going into a room where there was noise in the background disrupting my playing and concentration.  I changed to Primavolta seven years ago.  Straight away being in my own comfort zone and familiar with my surroundings my playing soon improved.  All exams are arranged and sorted by my Primavolta mentor.  He was always helpful and patient and encouraged me when I was down.  My goal was to get to my Grade 8.  Now, seven years later I have just take my final exam.  I never gave up but, took my time and enjoyed every minute with Primavolta.  I can tell you now at 68 years old, you are never too old to achieve your ambitions."  [Joan Duxbury]

"I felt my 8 years of tuition with Primavolta were a rewarding and enjoyable experience. From being almost a complete beginner I have finished with Grade 8 at distinction level and a job as a teacher for Primavolta; along with valuable experience in teaching and assisting in running an exam centre. I feel I would not have gained this had I been taught in a music school rather than at home with Primavolta. I encourage anyone wishing to begin keyboard tuition as a beginner or with prior experience to choose Primavolta."  [Jamie Whittingham]

"We have a fantastic music teacher.  Our daughter loves her lessons."  [Jay]

"I have always been happy with the quality of your lessons and she (student) has flourished under your guidance.  Thank you for your input."  [Amy Goldup]

"I have just completed my music lessons with Primavolta, having achieved my goal of Grade 6 piano. As an adult with no previous musical experience, I am delighted to now be able to read music and play the piano for pleasure. Our teacher has been teaching me and my kids for 5 years and has not only managed to teach an old dog (me) new tricks, but continues to work with my 9, 13 and 14 year olds who are all working towards exams currently, Grades 1, 7 and 8 respectively. I would highly recommend Primavolta for the following reasons: firstly, in 5 years, my teacher has never turned up late for a lesson; second, he adapts his teaching style to our very different learning styles, from working round my busy work schedule and the fact I don't always have time to practice, and calming me during performance anxiety, to engaging my 9 year old using games and tricks so she doesn't realise she's learning, to pitching the encouragement just right with teenagers, and making lessons fun while still achieving steady progress. So thank you to Primavolta for the wonderful gift of music you have given to my family and we look forward to your continued input!" [Rachel Molloy]

"I met my teacher today for my first lesson and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was. You were right she is indeed a lovely lady, she put me at ease straight away, I was feeling a little nervous as you can imagine as I hadn't sung for a while but I need not have worried!. My teacher gave me constructive feedback and we agreed on a plan for the coming lessons.  I am pleased I found your company, may I say again how much I enjoyed my first lesson and I look forward to working with Primavolta for a long time to come." [Sarah]

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